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Michael Fenech

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I'm a passionate entrepreneur who has built multiple tech and online businesses. I've had experience in many different industries and have a knack for finding solutions to big problems. My expertise lies in the e-commerce space and tech start-up world. I write articles for both entrepreneur.com and fastcompany.com where I share my experience and insights about E-commerce, tech start-ups and the mindset needed for entrepreneurial success.


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February 3rd, 2022

How to defuse a tense business situation and stop stressing

Here are 12 tactics to help you remain level-headed in the heat of the moment.

January 31st, 2022

The number one requirement all start-ups need to succeed

There is a huge difference between people liking your solution versus paying for it. Here are a few ways to identify if your idea is one people might pay for.

January 26th, 2022

Here's how to keep a consistent tone in your external content

If you're outsourcing your content creation efforts, it's important to ensure your brand "voice" is consistent.

January 25th, 2022

Is now the right time to unveil your latest innovation?

The business world demands constant innovation, but when is the right time to unveil your "latest and greatest" ideas?


EndGame Network PTY LTD

The EndGame Network is a boutique company with two primary functions. Firstly, we deliver some of the best content and education for the Amazon FBA space in the world. Our award-winning Amazon Facebook group (EndGame Network) is a group of over 3000 dedicated Amazon sellers who enjoy fortnightly workshops and support for their Amazon journey from the helpful seller community. Within the EndGame Network ecosystem, we manage a private mastermind group for E-commerce sellers who are looking to take their E-commerce businesses to the next level. The EndGame Access 360° Mastermind focuses on a holistic approach to success, where our members enjoy support from Olympic Gold Medalists, best selling authors in the mindset and manifestation space as well as support from a globally recognised marketer. On top of this, members enjoy high-level weekly workshops where they are exposed to the best strategies, techniques and processes designed to maximise business success. The second function of the EndGame Network is to identify, build and deliver software solutions in the E-commerce industry which solves significant problems that have been identified by the team. Once we identify a problem, we meticulously formulate a solution that is designed to disrupt industry sectors and most importantly make life easier for our customers.


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