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Focus on Leadership Development and programs that inspire the future leaders of our firm. Living our Core Values as a guideline, we can begin to flourish by having an entire organization moving in the same direction.

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By establishing core values that reflect your beliefs and actions, you can create a clear path towards personal and professional growth, as well as a positive impact in your community and beyond. 

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To avoid rising employee turnover rates, address your company's weaknesses head-on. If your company is having trouble holding on to some of its best talent in the workforce, then there may be a serious communication gap or issue that needs to be addressed regarding your work culture and a staff that may be feeling dissatisfied or misinformed about what they originally signed up for. Establishing a regular open-door policy that fosters psychological safety for employees to express their interests, career aspirations, or concerns about the organization's business practices is a first step. Proactively seeking feedback from current and outgoing employees is the smartest way to rebuild employee morale and strengthen team relationships. Here, 12 Fast Company Executive Board members weigh in on the exit interview process. They discuss how gathering feedback and analyzing turnover data are helping their companies identify trends and areas in need of improvement.

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Business leaders discuss which type of business atmosphere fuels their drive and creativity.  Since the COVID-19 pandemic began—and now in the new normal as it continues to be a part of our everyday lives—there has been plenty of debate between company leaders and their employees concerning return-to-work policies vs. hybrid or remote work.  However, it's not just about where you work best, sometimes it's also about how and when you are able to thrive the most and in certain situations. That doesn't necessarily correlate with the physical space. It can also have to do with the people you engage with on a daily basis, the trust (or distrust) you have in leadership, psychological safety, and the opportunities (or lack of) to take on new assignments with the encouragement and ability to advance your professional career. Below, 13 Fast Company Executive Board members weigh in on what types of work environments help them produce the best work and why they think that is. 

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DigiStream is a full-service investigative company devoted to minimizing the potential and on-going risks for our clients. Our integrated approach and proprietary techniques combine field surveillance and social media investigations to ensure the best results and highest return on your investment. DigiStream’s services can assist your company by derailing fraudulent claims through properly preparing you for depositions, trials or settlement conferences. DigiStream has dedicated painstaking time and resources to the perfection of the trade and has revolutionized the private investigation industry through innovative technology, company owned equipment and investigator training. With 13 locally owned and operated affiliates throughout the United States, DigiStream has the capability to reach clients from coast to coast. Unlike many other investigative firms, our services are performed by professionally trained DigiStream employees, not contractors or interns. Moreover, all field investigations are done from carefully selected, modified, and monitored surveillance vehicles. Our industry leading intelligence division utilizes the latest software and investigative techniques. We provide a wide array of desktop intelligence services including online and social media research, medical sweeps, recorded statements, targeted claims and next day assessments. DigiStream’s dedicated, in-house staff of Research Analysts obtain social media evidence in a way that preserves its evidentiary value. All evidence is court room ready and the vital meta data is preserved. Additionally, all results are monitored for 60 days after the case ends. When actionable information is found, our clients have the opportunity to dispatch a DigiStream surveillance investigator to a precise location in real-time. DigiStream’s results are surpassed only by our customer experience, which includes our Next Day Video™ updates.



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