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I was raised in a community where actual frozen deer had a second life as lawn ornaments during Christmas. My escape at 16 was through a congressionally funded scholarship to Germany. These early years informed my proudest moment in 2020 when my business earned B CORP certification. Doing business with community, people and the planet in mind matters to me and informs how we behave with the large, multi-national businesses we support. Today, I live in Chicago in a restored municipal bath house with my life partner and a needy cat.


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July 27th, 2022

Why saying 'no' can strengthen a business relationship

Maintaining a professional and positive tone, in your response to a colleague's request, can strengthen your business relationship and build common ground.

July 20th, 2022

To up-level retention, speak the language of growth

Those who listen, and become equally fluent in the language of growth, can be the first to retain the most eager-to-engage people and benefit from their stretching, developing, and belonging.

July 13th, 2022

10 key metrics to improve a customer's journey

Don't play guessing games when it comes to building consumer trust and brand loyalty.

July 12th, 2022

11 ways to elevate a ho-hum product or service

Here's how to build brand ambassadors, no matter what you're selling.



WE DELIVER GROWTH THROUGH PURPOSE-LED TRANSFORMATION. Bluedog Design delivers clear and enabling strategies that grow markets, businesses and the most highly valued brands in the world. Bluedog’s repeatable, scalable methodologies are rooted in the principles of Design Thinking. While delivering decades of returns for our clients, we've mastered the art of uncovering insights, the discipline of iterative design and innovation, the practice of organizational buy-in and adoption, and the gift of translating complexity to clarity. We are known not just for inspiring progress, but for throwing ourselves into each client's context to make it happen—all within a journey that brings our partners a more intuitive understanding of their consumers, businesses, and organizations. www.BluedogDesign.com


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