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Moaz Nabiel is the Founder of TrimCheck, a booking app for independent barbers. He founded TrimCheck from his university dorms at UCL after identifying an underserved niche in booking solutions for independent barbers. Despite being a bootstrapped venture, TrimCheck remarkably stood out in a market dominated by well-funded competitors. Morespecifically, over 30,000 of the platform's users migrated from industry giants Booksy & Fresha, citing affordability and distinctive features as their top 2 reasons for migrating. Carrying on this on his entrepreneurial spirit, Moaz subsequently founded GeoWise, a geo-booking solution dedicated to home service providers across all sectors.

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The beauty and wellness booking app wars are just beginning


The beauty and wellness app space is still largely un-penetrated, for now leaving plenty of room for each booking platform to grow within its own blue ocean.

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TrimCheck is an all-in-1 booking app for barbers. The software aims to help independent barbers, both: mobile barbers & in-shop barbers, to attract more clients & manage their bookings. Barbers can get discovered online via TrimCheck by creating a booking profile via the app, which we then try to rank for local 'barbers near me' searches made online to help attract new local customers for you. In addition to this, TrimCheck's channel manager enables barbers to increase their online exposure further by getting listed on all major booking apps for barbers, through one central listing on the TrimCheck app. TrimCheck's features include: - A verified profile on the consumer app and a web booking page for all barbers - Ability to set service prices in any currency and accept various payment methods - Option to charge cancellation fees - Showcase portfolio and maximize online exposure - Offer loyalty programs and subscriptions - Combine appointments and walk-ins - Manage bookings on multiple platforms from one central app For mobile barbers, there are additional features like setting serving areas and variable distance fees, and grouping daily bookings by area. TrimCheck aims to simplify the process of managing appointments across various platforms, including Booksy, Fresha, Squire, Thecut, and Styleseat, by offering a centralized system for managing bookings.



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