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Nimish Gupta

Head of EngineeringOne Hundred Feet Inc

San Francisco, CA

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Nimish, a recognized authority in logistics and transportation, has significantly shaped the industry through his technological innovations and thought leadership. As the architect behind Uber's routing systems and the former VP of Engineering at TruckX, he has demonstrated a track record of driving pivotal transformations. Presently, Nimish heads engineering at One Hundred Feet, specializing in last-mile logistics solutions. Beyond his operational roles, he's a published author with a recent book available on Amazon, delving deep into logistics. Complementing his hands-on experience, Nimish extends his expertise as a mentor to burgeoning startups through Techstars and the Bay Area startup ecosystem.

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One Hundred Feet Inc. specializes in geolocation and addressing complexities. The company has made notable strides in refining and enhancing last-mile delivery logistics. By leveraging sophisticated algorithms and technology, One Hundred Feet Inc. seeks to optimize the accuracy and efficiency of deliveries, thereby benefiting businesses and consumers alike. Their innovations continue to push the envelope in the ever-evolving realm of logistics and geospatial solutions.



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