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Par Chadha

CEO, CIO, and Founder

CEO, CIO, and Founder

Los Angeles Area

Par Chadha is Founder, CEO, and CIO of HGM Fund, a family office. Chadha also serves as Chairman of Exela Technologies and is a co-founder of Rule 14. He currently holds and manages investments in the evolving financial technology, health technology, and communications industries.


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November 30th, 2022

Flexibility at the helm of a productivity renovation

Productivity cannot come at the expense of the worker’s well-being. It needs to come as a byproduct of ensuring a better quality of life for employees. 

September 26th, 2022

The future of financial markets and how the world can adapt

As technology expands, the creation and adoption of standards and regulations stabilize, and perhaps one day, there could be a truly global market. 

August 16th, 2022

Strong investors are paying close attention to where their money is going

Will a bear market ring the death knell for the vibrant global startup ecosystems? Is easy money gone forever?

June 24th, 2022

How hiring a data science consultant can help you cut through the noise

The need to tap into your data streams and truly understand them is greater than ever. With more businesses unlocking advanced data tools and talent each and every day, shifting to a data-first strategy is mission-critical.


CEO, CIO, and Founder

HandsOn Global Management is a private equity fund providing a broad range of services across strategy, finance, legal, consultation, digital transformation, and venture creation. This operational structure is fundamental to the company’s value proposition: to seek controlling ownership and create long-term value for each of its portfolio companies. Under the leadership of CEO Par Chadha, the HGM team has delivered ~$3 billion in gross investor value over the last 10 years. The HGM team has more than 350+ combined years of operational, transactional, legal, entrepreneurial, advisory, and financial experience across many industries.


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