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Lifelong ad person, Global Leo Burnett/ Chicago Jacobson/Rost - interested in helping companies own their success versus renting success from Meta/Google Duopoly. Can achieve this via strategy that combines purpose, experience and performance marketing against a unified data strategy and CDP. Would love to collaborate with other growth minded individuals to continue to learn and progress.

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13 ways to elevate your company's brand marketing potential and grow

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Top business leaders discuss the most effective approaches they've utilized to increase their customer reach. Coming up with a winning strategy to build a better brand and increase your company's prospects for steady growth may be a hit or missed opportunity if you're not being intentional about how to attract and retain your ideal customer.  Conducting A/B testing on a regular basis is one of the best ways to sample various marketing strategies until your marketing and sales team can pinpoint what actually sticks with your target audience members the most and why it stands out. Below, 13 Fast Company Executive Board members explain their methods to gaining more traction in today's competing business industries and how your organization can do the same.

13 ways to retain existing loyal clients—no matter what the market climate

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Reassuring your customer base that you value their business and want them to succeed—whether they're up or down—is what really matters and builds better partnerships.  When the economy is low and the marketplace is uncertain, it's imperative for business teams to stay as connected to their clients and customers as possible, so they can continue to understand how to meet their current needs. And knowing that your company is still in their corner and wants to see them succeed is everything. Customer success teams play a major role in retaining existing loyal customers if they remain proactive and offer an empathetic ear in their outreach efforts to find relevant solutions to help clients weather the storm. By focusing on personalized messaging campaigns and affordable offers that go beyond expectations, target audiences will be more likely to stick around for the long haul knowing who truly had their back from day one. If you are looking for other methods to boost your clients' business potential—through the good times and bad, here are 13 tips from Fast Company Executive Board members that every leader and team should apply.

16 ways leaders can set achievable expectations for their team to grow 

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Apply these strategies to enhance your team's performance levels and standards. To set your team up for success and the confidence to meet department expectations and throughout the company, it's critical to start the conversation early.  Providing clear context, consistently, about big-picture goals and objectives will encourage employees to stay accountable, collaborate effectively, and become even more invested as they learn more about the "why." Below, 16 Fast Company Executive Board members are sharing their tips to inspire individuals, motivate teamwork, and achieve better outcomes. 

8 reasons why shoppable video may boost a company's brand awareness 

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Sales and marketing teams are following this rising trend to elevate consumer interest in the products and services they have to offer.  With the holiday season quickly approaching, digital resources continue to make it convenient for companies to reach current and potential customers about their latest offerings, even when people are busy on the go. But whether they're in the market to catch a deal on an affordable streaming service package to view their favorite TV series, trying to replace an essential household appliance that suddenly stopped working, or sprucing up their apparel options for an upcoming event, it's not always easy to captivate and keep their attention. To effectively meet shoppers in real-time, eight Fast Company Executive Board members are experiencing the benefits of direct marketing through interactive shoppable videos on social media. Here, they explain the impact of this type of engagement and how it is helping them to educate consumers about their brand and build on the company's reputation. 

13 elements that are key to enhancing a company's digital growth

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Evaluating the potential for improvement on these core online-business components is essential to elevating a virtual organization. Launching a successful e-commerce-only business may sound ideal for entrepreneurs on the rise or seasoned business owners, who have been at it for a while and suddenly facing a budget crunch, but it's not as easy as it sounds.  Creating user-friendly access to the products and services mobile customers love, is only one of many first steps to building brand recognition and consistency for clients willing to take the journey with your business for the long haul. Below, 13 Fast Company Executive Board members discuss some practical considerations that can make all the difference when deciding to go with an exclusively online presence to reach target consumers versus traditional brick-n-mortar.

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We build Performance Branding Ecosystems, data fueled brand networks designed to connect brand purpose, brand experience and performance marketing in a balanced ecosystem that enables companies to simultaneously build their brand and drive short term sales.


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