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Paul Wolfe

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I am a Human First Leadership Advocate who champions the development of workplace cultures built on authentic connection, shared vulnerability, and purpose-led performance. I came to this mission through two decades of service as an HR executive, and my lived experience of seeking to show up– and view others, as humans before titles. I have served as an HR Executive at some of the world’s most prominent companies including Indeed, Conde Nast, and others. I currently serve as a board member at PayScale, and as an HR Venture Advisor for SemperVirens Venture Capital. I am the host of the “52 Humans” vlogcast, a live weekly video podcast on the human side of workplace experiences, and my first book launched in March of 2023, "Human Beings First - Practices for Empathetic, Expressive Leadership." I enjoy much of his time speaking to– and leading workshops for, organizations, companies and teams on a variety of topics in HR and leadership. I live with my husband and their three dogs in New York.


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June 2nd, 2023

13 ways to instill your brand's core values across all channels

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Paul Wolfe

Paul’s focus is helping companies, leaders and HR leaders think about things differently, embrace the unknown, work on becoming better, and strive for more transparency. He is currently writing a book entitled “Human Beings First” which will be available Spring 2023. He also speaks to organizations, companies and teams on a variety of topics in HR and leadership.


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