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Pelin Thorogood

Executive Chairperson and Cofounder

Radicle Science

San Diego Area

As the Co-founder and Executive Chair of Radicle Science, Pelin has pioneered history's first and only proof-as-a-service company, whose mission is to close the proof gap between supplements and pharmaceuticals. She is an Industry Scholar for the Cornell Institute of Healthy Futures. Deeply committed to impact, Pelin is trustee of the UC San Diego Foundation and Co-Chair of the UC San Diego Innovation and Entrepreneurship Council. She holds a B.S. in Operations Research & Information Engineering, M.Eng and MBA, all from Cornell.


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Radicle Science

Radicle Science is history's first and only proof-as-a-service company, offering an easy path for non-pharmaceutical products to clinically prove their true effects beyond placebo. Radicle Science leverages an AI-driven, crowdsourced, virtual and direct-to-consumer approach to power clinical research at unprecedented affordability, speed and scale across diverse populations and conditions. The Radicle vision for the B-corp is an abundant future where democratized access to clinical trials closes the proof gap and transforms non-pharmaceutical products into proven personalized medicines accessible by all.


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