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Doers do it and don’t talk about it. / Bravery is fleeting these days. / What ifs won’t happen if you don’t ask, “What if?” / Overthinking is the death nail to creativity. | Creativity creates better business problems. / Patience perseveres. / My 3 I’s: Insight, Imagination, Instinct. / Logic is a powerful starting point. For 20+ years, I’ve been one of the most awarded and genuine creative leaders in the country. I’ve been helping brands famous and not so uncover human insights that tap into the irrational subconscious of people(customers) to stoke an emotional attachment to the brand. Why? Because brands have a responsibility to the well-being of the people they serve. -I’ve endeared the hearts and minds of people into the everyday life of Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell thanks to Samsung. -Re-launched Crocs, the most hated and beloved brand in the U.S through a social and integrated content strategy. -Re-introduced Mentos, the quirky European candy, and launched Mentos Pure Fresh Gum in the U.S. -Revitalized one of America’s oldest brands, Tylenol. -Developed the award-winning IKEA campaign around the election of President Obama. -Made many a beer drinker proclaim, It’s all about the beer, in the well-awarded and iconic, It’s All About The Beer campaign for Heineken. -Created the groundbreaking integrated campaign to introduce the U.S to JetBlue airlines. -Launched Stride Gum becoming the fastest growing chewing gum in the US with sales ~$100MM in year one. -Launched and turned TiVo the brand into a verb, Tivo it. -Created the infamous, “What the hell is ANSKY?” campaign for the New York Yankees sponsorship. The campaign was selected as one of the campaigns of the decade by Adweek. I’ve been Chief Creative Officer at Publicis, Deutsch, JWT and Periscope as well as holding key creative leadership roles at McKinney and at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. What drives me is creativity and collaboration. Stoking the team’s wide eye love for ideas and helping them let go of the fear of failure. This formula has produced timeless work for iconic brands adidas, Microsoft, Nike, Samsung, Target, BMW, Smirnoff, Heineken, Mentos, Crocs, JetBlue and ambitious ones like Quickbooks, Great Clips, Ikea, TiVo, Toro, Essentia Water and PEMCO insurance. Accolades received along the way include Cannes Lions, One Show Pencils, Clios, Communication Arts, D&AD Pencils, AICP, Webbys, The Art Directors Club, Crain’s 40 under 40. My work and opinions have been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Creativity, Ad Age, AdWeek, Digiday and Wired.

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Here's how to end the WFH vs. return-to-work debate here and now

expert panel

Leading experts share 20 tips to help managers and their employees find a reasonable work-life balance that gets the job done.  Even before the COVID-19 crisis took the world by storm in 2020, managers at most companies were not promoting the idea of a remote or hybrid work culture environment. But when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a shelter-in-place mandate, employers had to quickly adjust their traditional policy.  Realizing the cost-effectiveness on both sides of the aisle, some companies have fully leaned into the idea of enabling employees to WFH and have never looked back while others continue to resist the idea when their staff members question whether they must commute from home just to sit inside a cubicle space. Below, 20 Fast Company Executive Board members weigh in on how employers can work with employees to find common ground and implement the right policies—aside from the current standard hybrid solution.

What have you learned from a leading businesswoman at work? 

expert panel

It's Women's Entrepreneurship Day! This year, WEDO celebrates 10 years of its mission to empower more women in leadership.  Across a broad range of industries, women in leadership pour mentorship and guidance into developing their direct mentees or encouraging their colleagues to make sound business decisions—positively impacting the recipients' lives and future careers for the better.  However, in the marketplace, it is not uncommon for women (no matter what level they have reached in their field of interest) to experience "imposter syndrome." If left unchecked, this mindset can hinder their potential growth and success in the short and long term. Instead, the key is for them to boldly redefine their narrative and career path before someone else does. Women's Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO) was founded by Wendy Diamond in 2013. To mark its 10-year milestone, 20 experts from Fast Company Executive Board share the best advice they've ever received from a successful woman in business.

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At Hill Holliday, we help our clients fight the daily share battle with ideas that win. By swinging hard and fighting smart, we stay laser-focused on the most important part of the equation: the idea. Nothing beats a good one. And every day we come to work and think more of them into existence to help our clients dominate the noisiest of categories. They’re ideas based on hard-won consumer and cultural insights. Ideas that move people emotionally and have teeth. Ideas, in other words, that win.


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