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Strategic Executive leader with extensive experience in the consumer products space and an emphasis on baby and toy products. History of working at both Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurial companies, and private-equity backed firms. Business and legal expertise with a concentration on global brand building, growing business Internationally, and increasing revenue through organic growth and acquisition. Current key focus is on digital marketing and eCommerce. Thrives in fast-paced, dynamic environments and building teams.

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Are you confident or concerned about the future of AI in business?

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11 considerations to keep in mind as leaders reimagine their company's automotive strategies and mission to improve workflow processes and operations. As a business owner or leader, what are your biggest concerns about the future of AI and its impact on your industry? With the evolution of automation and machine learning tools becoming more and more powerful, many company professionals have voiced their opinions over the past several years—some in favor and some opposed.  There is also a fear of being left behind before it's too late. Below, 11 thought leaders from Fast Company Executive Board point out several factors that every leader should consider. They also weigh in on maintaining a better balance between the use of formulaic AI data and the human touch to monitor and inform the right decision-making process to enhance an organization's brand awareness through its consistent, authentic messaging.

20 personal life lessons that build stronger business leaders

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Industry experts weigh in on the tips that keep their companies (and mindsets) growing successfully.  As a business owner or manager, who is responsible for leading a team to successful bottom-line results, quarter over quarter, it's easy to get stuck in a silo mindset or let fear and anxiety take over—having you falsely assume that every other company or leader has the secret to business growth and high-performance teams all figured out. On the contrary, you are not alone in your ability to face and overcome various obstacles head-on. And you'll be grateful for it along the way. To prove the point, a panel of experts from Fast Company Executive Board admits to having their fair share of ups and downs throughout their career journey to leadership. In this topic of discussion, they share one personal life lesson and what it has taught them most about how to become a better leader for the staff members and companies that they represent.

15 ideas to boost your business recognition in the marketplace

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If you're strapped for cash, you can still find practical ways to launch and grow your new establishment successfully. Building a start-up business on a small budget is never easy. But being new to the industry it's important to build the best track record and gain as much positive attention as possible to elevate and expand your company in no time. Below, 15 gurus from Fast Company Executive Board share their time and knowledge about low-cost ways to create a buzz factor of excitement about your product or service.

Leading executives share 16 tips that nurture corporate finance

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Here's how implementing good advice can improve your bottom line in the business world. The success of a well-run business is not determined by its financial performance levels alone, and that is why leaders need to take a holistic approach and consider how each area of the establishment and decisions made about specific contributions to the company can build it up or weigh it down.  As you work towards achieving your financial goals, it's also important to find the right balance and prioritize how to maintain a steady cash flow and make wise choices about how and where to invest your time and money to elevate the organization.  Below are 16 members of Fast Company Executive Board to share some of the best practices they've received about how to manage their company finances.

Why a circular program may be right for your business


Setting up your own program can be advantageous from a branding and financial perspective—instead of relinquishing control and splitting revenue with a partner, it allows a company to control the program and enjoy better margins when reselling products.

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At Ergobaby, we believe in the transformative power of love, which is why our vision is a world where every young family is supported, connected, and thriving. Our family of brands began with iconic baby carriers focused on ergonomics and comfort, and we have expanded that focus to other thoughtful products that give young families the freedom to bond such as our strollers, sleep, and nursing lines. We take our responsibility to help shape the future for our children seriously and back our products with the ErgoPromise Lifetime Guarantee, support a circular economy through our industry's first buyback, restoration, and resell program called Everlove, and publish Impact Reports to show our progress toward the world we envision for generations to come.


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