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Phnam Bagley

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Phnam is a partner and creative director at Nonfiction, a San Francisco-based design firm that turns science fiction into reality for a better future. She is a French industrial designer and space architect with 15 years of experience creating cutting-edge hardware in Wearables, Audio, Neurotech/Biohacking, Healthcare, Education, Sports, Transportation, and Aerospace. She specializes in turning groundbreaking technologies into attainable, intuitive, and beautiful products that help humans become the best versions of themselves. Phnam works with a variety of companies, from Fortune 500 to startups, covering 4 continents. Clients include Intel, Comcast, Facebook, Atari, Philips, Movida, Halo Neuroscience, and Cala Health. Familiar with both overseas and local manufacturing, she connects clients and factories via trusted partners, making the transition from design to engineering, prototyping, and marketing as seamless and efficient as possible. She speaks internationally on the subject of “Design for a Better Future”, covering stories of sustainability, design thinking, education and human flourishing.


  • Creative Direction
  • Sustainable Design
  • Aerospace


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Nonfiction Design

Nonfiction is an award-winning creative studio specializing in hardware design, branding, user experience design, aerospace architecture, engineering, and strategy. We turn science fiction into reality for a better future. We engage consumers through the design of unique and sophisticated products with rich backstories. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, governments, and funded startups all over the world. We leverage our relationships with manufacturing partners to execute your ideas on time and


  • Industrial Design
  • Systems Design
  • Mechanical Engineering


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