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We look beyond the profit of today’s study to long-term possibilities. Loyalty and trust are built one brick at a time.

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Humans vs. synthetic respondents: When the genuine human voice matters


For nuanced and business-critical insights, you need input from actual users who bring a depth of experience, emotions, and contextual understanding that AI lacks.

16 ways to prepare for the next holiday campaign

expert panel

If you are just starting to think about your marking strategy, you're already behind—but it's not too late. The holiday season can be extremely competitive when it comes to attracting the attention of hesitant consumers. This is an ever-increasing dilemma in today's uncertain economy. In order to stand out, the company leaders must analyze the market trends carefully in order to provide the right solutions to potential and current customers. They also need to be flexible enough to change direction if a campaign isn't landing well.  Here, 16 experts from Fast Company Executive Board each share their tips to finalize and implement marketing and sales strategies for the upcoming holiday season that will help companies stay ahead in the marketplace.

5 core principles to guide business leaders through the AI digital transformation


As AI evolves and other technologies come into the landscape, your company’s guiding principles will likely change.

12 ways marketers are losing ROI in their advertising campaigns

expert panel

The following "strategic" patterns may push your company further away from its bottom-line business goals. If your brand's latest promotional strategy is entirely based on a trend that doesn't align with your company's core values and authenticity, then you should probably rethink your plans. You don't need to necessarily keep up with what the competition is doing.  Instead, turn your attention back to what your unique customers' biggest pain points are right now. These often change, so you need to be able to adapt to the specific needs of the people you want to serve. It also means taking your time to do the proper research and letting the data drive your decision-making process so you reach your desired results in the long run.  Many company marketers often struggle because they're wasting their company's time and money on the areas of advertising that don't resonate with their consumers at all. Here, 12 industry leaders from Fast Company Executive Board describe the nature of some of those pitfalls and why they should be avoided if you want to build a brand that is organically successful.

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Today’s markets demand new research methods. Sago, formerly Schlesinger Group, is the global research and data partner that connects business questions to human answers. Backed by our history, global reach, and innovative spirit, our adaptive solutions enable organizations to move beyond buyer data spreadsheets and make confident decisions. When businesses have questions, we find answers. We help you understand your customers as people — their wants, needs and pain points. And we’re a committed partner that works with you to define your needs. Our comprehensive suite of qualitative and quantitative capabilities equips our team to create custom-made solutions that provide extensive audience access and deliver the data you need to better serve consumers. After 55+ years in market research, our experience and stability support reliable offerings that grow your customer knowledge base, and our commitment to continuous improvement drives us to pioneer new paths in a rapidly evolving industry. Our range of solutions and expertise is constantly expanding, but our focus remains the same: people.


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