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Robert Wahbe


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Robert is Highspot’s co-founder and CEO, leading our mission to transform the way millions of people work. Prior to founding Highspot in 2012, Robert spent more than 15 years as Corporate Vice President of the Server and Tools Division at Microsoft. A veteran entrepreneur, he also co-founded Colusa, a cross-language virtual machine that was acquired by Microsoft in 1996.


December 13th, 2022

The blueprint for doing more with less: What executives need to know

I’ve relied on the same blueprint—a model I call equip-train-coach—throughout my career to “do more with less” and ensure strategy turns into action.


Highspot, Inc.

Highspot provides sales enablement software that improves the way companies engage with customers. Using Highspot, sales teams are connected to the most relevant content for each situation, have flexible ways to present content to customers, and gain real-time visibility into whether customers find the content engaging. Advanced analytics lets marketing and sales understand how content is performing across the sales cycle and provides actionable insights so pitches and content can be optimized. By closing the loop across marketing, sales, and customers, Highspot uniquely delivers insights that help companies engage more effectively with customers, driving increased revenue and customer satisfaction.