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8 strategies to convert social media followers into invested clients

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Is your company meeting its bottom line—or consumed by brand network hype?  It's an impressive business talking point to have a million plus people on social media platforms following your brand, but how can company sales and marketing teams turn those likes and comments into actual loyal customers? If you want to keep potential clients and customers regularly engaged and pique their interest in how your company can make a serious impact and meet their needs, you have to provide them with an incentive to learn more about what you have to offer. Below, eight experts from Fast Company Executive Board weigh in on how to win them over and convince them to make a long-term commitment (and spread the word) that will help your organization reach its quarterly goals on a regular basis.

8 interview tips for today's job seekers

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Business leaders school job candidates on how to show off their soft skills. When the market is down and you're out of a job, it's all about the presentation and how to sell your soft skills, so you can land your next opportunity. Review each job description carefully and then write a list of how your practical, hands-on experience matches up.  On the day of the interview, lean in to understand the company's needs. Then, let your personality shine through, so you can demonstrate your qualifications to take on the role.  Below, eight Fast Company Executive Board members teach interviewees how to convey their soft skills on their resumes and during the interview.

9 tips to help small business owners and teams generate more leads 

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The market is down, it can be extremely difficult for small business owners to elevate sales opportunities with potential clients and customers or form new business partnerships and close deals at a steady pace. They're competing with some of the biggest players in the industry—let alone other startups—and that's no easy feat. That's why it is so imperative for business owners and their sales and marketing teams to really get to know their current and prospective target audience members so they can meet their needs effectively, and build long-term trust on a solid foundation. By doing so, you'll increase your chances of being the go-to company they can lean on when they are looking for the right establishment and brand to help lead their own business initiatives. Here are nine unconventional ways that leading business executives from Fast Company Executive Board have applied at their own companies to generate more leads.

16 things to drive ingenuity among employees when business is slow

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Leading business professionals offer tips to engage team members all year round. When the holiday season is over and the company is entering a slow business period, it's common for employees to become easily distracted or disengaged if there is no action plan and nothing to look forward to at work. It can also cause some staff members to feel uninspired until the next big project comes along and the business is back up and running at a normal pace. No matter what time of year it is some employees may be feeling stuck, creatively, or in a siloed state of mind. Below, 16 Fast Company Executive Board members discuss their ideas to start conversations and spark creativity and collaboration among your employees, all 12 months.

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