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Ross Overline

Co-Founder, Chairman & CEOScholars of Finance

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Ross is the Co-Founder & CEO of Scholars of Finance (SOF), an organization on a mission to inspire character and integrity in the finance leaders of tomorrow. SOF provides undergraduate students with leadership development, mentorship, and the active support of purpose-driven finance executives and investors - to empower the next generation to solve the world's greatest problems with capital. Ross believes that conscious investing, values-based leadership and effective education are critical to the development of a prosperous and inclusive world. As such, he is committed to transforming the financial system with his team at Scholars of Finance. Prior to SOF, Ross held roles spanning equity research at Piper Sandler, global go-to-market at Twitter, and serving on the leadership team that launched the checking & savings business at SoFi. He earned his bachelor's degree at Fordham University and the University of Minnesota and has completed executive education at Cornell University and Stanford University. His hobbies include mentoring & coaching, start-up advising, triathlons, freestyle/spoken word, and studying neuroscience, economics, history, and philosophy.

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Solving the world’s problems starts with cultivating character and integrity in future financial leaders


Overline argues that we should allocate capital to businesses delivering products and services that maximize human flourishing in the most economically efficient and profitable ways possible.

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Scholars of Finance

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Vision: A future where all finance leaders steward the world’s capital to serve the greater good. Mission: To inspire character and integrity in the finance leaders of tomorrow.


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