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Ryan Blanch's path to PR and crisis management was not a direct one. After devoting four years of his career to Big Law, he left to launch a white-collar criminal defense firm in New York city (and began referring to himself in the third person). He represented Wall Street firms and FINRA regulated professionals, hip-hop artists, C-Suiters and even an airline and a telecom company, in myriad investigations and cases running the gamut from insider trading, health care fraud and antitrust to FCPA probes and homicide cases. Invariably, Ryan's clients would inquire about restoring their, and their companies', reputations in the wake of the negative news cycle that followed their legal crisis and persisted long after the case had been resolved in their favor. For years the clients were directed to retain outside reputation management and PR agencies, to no avail. Hence, Repute PR was born, inside of the law firm's offices, out of necessity. Today, Repute PR and Repute Law collaborate toward the singular aim of combining legal muscle with reputation management savvy and PR flare, to launch and enhance brands and navigate crises on behalf of our clients.


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Repute PR + Law

Reputational PR in Complex Legal Environments and Times of Crisis REPUTE LAW + REPUTE PR Two companies. One Solution. Repute PR and Repute Law work in tandem to give you and your company the reputation you deserve and then keep it that way. Together they comprise the only dual Law & PR solution in existence for brand-creation, enhancement and protection. We focus on regulated markets and complex legal environments within the financial, legal and healthcare sectors. REPUTE PR: Reputation Management Public Relations Brand Protection Brand Enhancement Crisis Management -Media Relations -Narrative Correction -Vulnerability Audits -Social Media Response Team -Legal team coordination REPUTE LAW: Brand & Reputation Protection Internet Law Defamation Actions & Takedown Demand Letters Crisis Management: -Government Investigations -SEC Enforcement Actions -Defamation Actions -Corporate Malfeasance Allegations -#MeToo Claims Defense -Investor Complaints -Licensing / Ethics Panel Complaints -Cyber security breaches Representatives Clients: Real Estate Investment Fund Hedge Fund Wealth Management Teams CEO of Public tech company Medical clinic franchise Law Firm International Airline Fortune 500 Executive (Medical Sector) Investment Banking team Cybersecurity Firm Hedge Fund Principal


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