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Having been a startup founder practically all my professional life, I am an entrepreneur by heart. I absolutely love doing whatever it takes to build a company and I am driven by things that challenge me. I enjoy applying my engineer's brain to various business problems.

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12 ways marketers are losing ROI in their advertising campaigns

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The following "strategic" patterns may push your company further away from its bottom-line business goals. If your brand's latest promotional strategy is entirely based on a trend that doesn't align with your company's core values and authenticity, then you should probably rethink your plans. You don't need to necessarily keep up with what the competition is doing.  Instead, turn your attention back to what your unique customers' biggest pain points are right now. These often change, so you need to be able to adapt to the specific needs of the people you want to serve. It also means taking your time to do the proper research and letting the data drive your decision-making process so you reach your desired results in the long run.  Many company marketers often struggle because they're wasting their company's time and money on the areas of advertising that don't resonate with their consumers at all. Here, 12 industry leaders from Fast Company Executive Board describe the nature of some of those pitfalls and why they should be avoided if you want to build a brand that is organically successful.

9 game-changing mobile apps to keep your business running smoothly

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Business leaders weigh in on their favorite technology solutions. When you’ve got numerous work deadlines to meet over a short period of time, it’s easy for something to slip through the cracks unintentionally, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed and losing the energy required to keep track of everything and maintain an efficient daily workflow. That’s where the latest boom of innovative technology solutions begins to kick in. But with so many gadgets and software solutions on the market to choose from, the biggest question is: Where to start? Below, experts from Fast Company Executive Board are here to shed some light on their favorite digital applications (to date) and why they are essential to the successful operation of any business—no matter what size or type of company you are responsible for running. 

Why upskilling programs in the tech world may not translate into real skill development


I believe it is time for tech leaders to retire their old training and upskilling modules.

How to fix a negative business reputation online

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Even the most successful companies can make missteps, and when those mistakes involve leadership, the consequences can be severe. A company's reputation is a crucial asset that can take years to build but can be destroyed in an instant. Negative publicity and online backlash can quickly spread after leadership mistakes, causing irreparable damage to a company's reputation. However, there are steps that a company can take to clean up its negative business reputation online and regain the trust of its clients. To help, a panel of Fast Company Executive Board members recommended some effective strategies that can help turn things around and get your business back in the good graces of potential and current clients, even after past leadership missteps.

3 things all CEOs can learn from Elon Musk’s first months at Twitter


What’s to come of Twitter remains to be seen, but all CEOs can learn from Musk’s actions during his first few months as CEO.

3 strategies for founders to navigate hype cycle pitfalls


A hype cycle is a graphical representation that shows the maturity and adoption of technologies and their relevance to solving today’s business problems.

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HackerEarth is the most comprehensive developer assessment software that helps companies to accurately measure the skills of developers during the recruiting process. More than 1000 companies across the globe use HackerEarth to improve the quality of their engineering hires and reduce the time spent by recruiters on screening candidates. Over the years, we have also built a thriving community of 4.5M+ developers that come to HackerEarth to participate in hackathons and coding challenges to assess their skills and compete in the community. P.S. Download our latest ebook on 10 Steps to manage remote teams effectively:



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