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I am the co-founder of SciSpace, a comprehensive discovery and creation platform for researchers. We are on a mission to fundamentally improve the way science is done at every level. Our platform is used by more than a million researchers worldwide, including Nobel Laureates.

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Breaking down language barriers: How AI is enabling global collaboration


Human and AI collaboration holds immense potential—I believe it can make the world more inclusive and interconnected than ever.

Exploring GPT-3’s capabilities in research


Few inventions in AI have managed to take the world by storm quite like GPT-3 has.

13 ways to strengthen your company's market optimization resources 

expert panel

Build a better business blueprint for higher-performance ratings and greater reach. If you're finding it difficult to keep your company growing at a steady rate, then it's time to rethink your current strategy to optimize business influence in the marketplace. Humanizing your brand, through content that relates to where your target clients and consumers are, is a great way to build and secure better relations for the long term.  However, you'll also want to take a closer look at the data to analyze which tools need to be put into place to help the company produce the best outcomes. Below, 13 Fast Company Executive Board members share their advice to help leaders achieve their goals faster.

Scientific research needs to be more transdisciplinary than ever


Even though transdisciplinary research has been around for 50 years, it is far more pertinent now, given the scope of the challenges upon us.

14 ways AI is changing the way leaders do business

expert panel

It's a new day in the workplace—with creative focus time increasing and mundane manual duties decreasing. As the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) in the marketplace continue to evolve, more and more organizations are finally starting to see the light.  Whether it's lightening the load for staff members who desire to focus on more meaningful assignments or it's developing a quicker strategy to turnaround data analysis results you're ready to discuss with the team, AI can serve a crucial purpose in helping the business to steadily move forward, improve customer satisfaction and revamp its image. Here, Fast Company Executive Board members weigh in on how their use of AI has help their companies spark innovation and improve business performance.

Considering a rebrand? Keep these 15 important factors in mind

expert panel

Before you invest a lot of resources in a rebranding initiative, make sure it's worth it for your business to do so. Rebranding your business is a big decision that involves many different moving parts. A rebrand can mean anything from redesigning your webpage or launching a new product, to repositioning yourself in the market. Because of the time, money and energy involved in a rebrand, it's important first to consider whether rebranding is a necessary step for your business. What are you trying to change? Who are you changing for? To help you answer these questions, a panel of Fast Company Executive Board members shared some important factors to consider before a rebrand.

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We are transforming the way research is communicated and discovered. SciSpace (Formerly Typeset) is an integrated platform that enables researchers and scientific authors to discover, write, and publish research smoothly and drive collaboration. We are a team of entrepreneurs and researchers who understand the problems that Academia faces. We are building "" for Research Papers. It is the world’s largest social platform for research - hosting 200M+ publications and 50Million+ profiles. SciSpace is a series funded startup. We have raised 4.5 million USD to date, with the most recent fundraising in October 2021 from VC firms.



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