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As Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Innovation Refunds, I’m intensely focused on identifying digitally under-indexed categories that can be disrupted by emerging technology, and fuel economic growth. Leveraging my experience in both founding startups and driving growth for multinational corporations, my focus is now on connecting small businesses and fellow entrepreneurs with the financial tools and knowledge they need to kindle innovation and drive pre- and post-IPO business growth. I’m actively motivated by the pursuit of knowledge through ongoing education and have studied across the globe, having both lived and studied in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. I seek inspiration from both nature and the written word, so when I’m not on the hunt for the next under-indexed category in need of disruption, you can find me either buried in a book (Sapiens and The Lessons of History are a couple of my recent favorites), on the water surfing, or in the mountains hiking.

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The disruption matrix: Discovering hidden gems in under-indexed categories


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Innovation Refunds

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Innovation Refunds is powered by a customer-centric mindset, top-of-the line talent, and experienced leadership from the world's most trusted brands. Our mission is to assist eligible small and medium-sized businesses in attaining cash incentives from federal and state governments. Small and medium-sized businesses have historically shaped America’s economic landscape. We’re committed to helping 30 million+ businesses in the US get back what they may be eligible to receive so they can keep pushing us forward as innovators and job creators.



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