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I believe in the power of human energy! That’s why I'm focused on the success of CELLIANT®, the only bio-responsive textile using Infrared technology clinically demonstrated to increase tissue oxygen levels, improving athletic performance and recovery and promoting more restful sleep. I have a degree in business administration and worked in private equity for one of the premier investment firms, but I've also been an athlete all my life. My experience with CELLIANT is therefore very personal. I have experienced first-hand the benefits of CELLIANT for enhancing performance and recovery. And I've seen the science that proves its effectiveness. Our company, Hologenix, LLC, is dedicated to creating, discovering and marketing products that enhance people’s lives, empowering them to take charge of their own health. CELLIANT is our flagship product. We’re extremely proud of our international regulatory status, including the FDA determination as both a medical device and general wellness product, supported by 9 positive clinical trials evaluated by the top North American life sciences research universities. CELLIANT is used by international brands, including Under Armour, Amerisleep, Bear, Revitalife, Xcel and countless others in sportswear, sleepwear, bedding and more. My mission, with the help our Science Advisory Board, is to stay at the forefront of the responsive textile technology sector. By assembling research and thought leaders in their respective fields, we will continue to explore how our products can be used to help improve the quality of people's lives and amplify their potential.

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Hologenix, LLC - Inventors of CELLIANT

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At Hologenix, LLC, we believe in the power of human potential. We innovate solutions that improve people’s health and well-being. Our flagship product, CELLIANT®, is a bio-responsive infrared textile that transforms body heat into full-spectrum infrared energy and is clinically demonstrated to increase local circulation and cellular oxygenation. That means more energy and endurance, quicker recovery, and more restful sleep. CELLIANT® is rigorously tested by a Science Advisory Board composed of experts in photobiology, nanotechnology, sleep medicine, and diabetes and wound care. They have overseen 9 peer-reviewed published studies that demonstrate CELLIANT'S effectiveness and the benefits of infrared energy. The FDA determined products containing CELLIANT® are medical devices because they are intended to temporarily increase blood flow and local circulation at the site of application in healthy individuals. As part of the 513(g) submission process, the FDA reviewed and commented on appropriate health and wellness claims for CELLIANT® products. The FDA has determined that CELLIANT® products are medical devices as defined in section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and are general wellness products. The FDA has not approved or designated CELLIANT® products for any purpose and has not made any determination about, or endorsement of, its stated use or benefits. CELLIANT® is designated as a Class 1 Medical Device in Australia, Canada, the European Union, Japan, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. CELLIANT® is cleared to market in China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, with more countries and regions to follow. CELLIANT is used in performance and fashion apparel, as a textile in upholstered furniture, mattresses and bedding, as medical wraps and bandages for humans, horses, dogs and cats, and more. Founded in 2002, Hologenix, LLC is based in Pacific Palis



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