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Personal brand leadership style creator Shaan Rais is a professional speaker, executive coach and consultant for CEO's, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. Born and raised in Harlem, NY in the late 80's and early 90's Shaan learned fast about the challenges that can come about from a lack of leadership, accountability and coaching. Husband and Father of 5, during his Undergraduate Studies Shaan saw a hug gap in the business leadership area, and decided to be the face of change so desired in the world. First getting his BS from Purdue in I/O Psychology, he followed it up with a MS I/OP from Walden U, then an MA in Organizational Development and Change, and then a MS Educational Leadership from Fielding. All Concentrations in Evidence-based Coaching for the past 10 years Shaan is currently working on a dissertation for an EdD in leadership and a PhD in Organizational Development and Change. Shaan was able to do multiple 6 and then 7 figures organically on social media when most people are still trying to figure out what it is. This was done organically, and he has also taught other CEO's and entrepreneurs how to differentiate themselves from their competition and leave the "Red Sea" of comparison competition and enter the "Blue Sea" of competitive advantage. Still a champion of organic marketing, personal brand leadership, and high end luxury pricing, Shaan was able to leave his position as an Operations Consultant / External Executive Leadership Coach within 6 months of launching his business online. He teaches CEO's and Leaders how to connect their confidence to their competence, change their internal dialogue, see themselves as more valuable in the marketplace, raise prices, attract their ideal life and clients, and create balance in their personal and professional lives and relationships. He is a regularly published member of Forbes Coaching Council, Fast Company Executive Board, and Entrepreneur Leadership Network. For more information on Shaan please go to or to book Shaan for speaking got to or to research more on branding and leadership go to to arrange a meeting with Shaan please fill out an application at

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Diversifying the "face" of leadership through personal branding


Personal branding is your unique competitive advantage in life and business, as it immediately differentiates you from the competition and renders you human.

13 essential talents to look for in your next round of hires

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Do your team members possess these key characteristics?   The key to maintaining longevity in business is to hire the right people who can best represent your company and its core values. Whether it's someone who is excellent at forecasting what leadership should be focusing on for the future or an employee who does a great job keeping the team morale elevated with their high energy and daily motivation, staff members can make or break the company's long-term success.  Here, 13 Fast Company Executive Board members explore the type of talent and characteristics that are essential for leaders to bring on board to manage their company's operations and achieve growth objectives effectively.

Nine reasons why e-commerce is thriving

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Leaders discuss the rise and impact of online businesses. For small-business owners, e-commerce is a game changer—connecting startups with 24/7 access to ideal target markets at a rapid pace. If you want to be a standout, it's essential to differentiate your brand of products or services by offering a unique value proposition and a seamless online shopping experience to encourage return customers.  Knowing that a potential customer is just one click away, business leaders and their teams must also do a deeper dive to determine the underlined meaning of customer behavior patterns and tailor, as needed, to the individual e-commerce experience. Below, nine Fast Company Executive Board members explain how the pros of e-commerce (mainly) outweigh the cons and help businesses meet their bottom-line goals.  

Is your small business financially fit for the future? 

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20 tips to set your new company up for success in the marketplace. As a company leader, you may be confident about your organization's ability to meet consumer demands and thrive at meeting your quarterly goals on a regular basis right now. But if you don't have a systematic approach to coming up with ways to keep your business financially fit, you'll be setting your company and team up for failure in the event of unforeseen circumstances. For example, an unsteady economy. Your numbers may look good on paper but regulating your KPI metrics in real-time is essential to generate a true measure of financial success.  Below, 20 Fast Company Executive Board members share one piece of advice that aspiring business leaders or small business owners should consider when it comes to understanding the importance of financial management and planning for longevity in any industry.

13 ways companies can lower overhead cost and raise profit margins

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Consider these cost-reduction tips to future-proof your business. As a business leader in charge of ensuring your company's ability to thrive—no matter what type of economy financial experts are predicting—it would serve your team best to plan ahead and put systems in place to maintain a successful business during the good times and bad.  To help you improve profitability in today's tight economy or get your organization ready for the next wave of marketplace uncertainty, here are 13 members from Fast Company Executive Board to share cost-reduction strategies that are working for them and their teams.

Is you business setting higher DEI standards in today's workplace?

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14 tips for business leaders aiming to reframe a culture of adaptability at the office. For a company to remain competitive and survive in today's marketplace, its leaders must be willing to fully embrace what it means to build a culture of adaptability among a diverse workforce and live up to its own expectations. Improving the company's culture won't happen overnight, but if leaders begin to gather and share employee success stories and transformative behavior patterns, doing so will plant the seed of change for the better. In turn, top talent will be more likely to take a second look at potential career opportunities at the prospective company. Here are 14 suggestions from Fast Company Executive Board members that can lead to a better work environment and a desire to change. 

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OmniSolutions Consultation, LLC

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OMNI Solutions Consultation is the braintrust of Shaan Rais who saw the need for multiple leverage points to build credibility and validity in a hostile often changing business landscape. Most people don’t know this but it is their SAPs that help them differentiate in the personal and professional marketplace. S-Story A-Authenticity and P-Principle based branding is how you create a lasting impression. If your brand is uncertain, your team, your clients, and your profits, productivity and performance is certain to suffer from instability. In a hostile market where clarity is a must-have, less and less business owners own their market due to a lack of confidence in themselves, their offer, and their ideal client, and that’s just the beginning. One of the most interesting aspects of this uncertainty and lack of confidence is that it has people locked into a situation that no longer serves them to the highest degree, whether that’s a miserable employee who knows they’re destined for more, or whether it’s the CEO who is afraid to raise prices and go after the whale client, so they lose time and freedom by living and playing the game small instead of playing to win and win big! If this resonates with you, and you can identify some of these gaps or “chinks” in your identity armor, we’d love to help you identify your 5W Framework. 5W Framework: Who - Who are you and who do you serve? What - What do you do? No, what do your REALLY do? When - When does your ideal client need you? Where - Where is that ideal client located in the market? Why - Why do you do what you do? No, REALLY? We’ve learned from years of work that when these 5 questions are answered with 100% certainty, the game changes exponentially. Everything we do; Keynotes, Coaching, Consulting, Leadership Development, it all hinges on Branding. We help you Brand you, not what you do. Brand new, brand you, and brand true!


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