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bout Me: My passion and purpose is people. My business model exists at the intersection of corporate speaking, leadership development and corporate|personal|executive branding for CEO's, executives, high performance teams, and growth-minded entrepreneurs. I use frameworks and systems to clarify, simplify and amplify the seemingly complex. I teach you to brand you, and not what you do. About you: You have what I call the 3E's: the Education, Experience and Expertise. What you don't have is a personal leadership brand and you know that's the Game Changer. 4 ways to work together: 1. Agency - We work together to co-create your luxury leadership brand; website, origin brand story, business (social) media and executive positioning for ideal client attraction, acquisition and retention. 2. CEO's - Leadership Legacy Mentoring Program (1:1 Executive Coaching) 3. Executives - High Performance Consulting (Mastermind Advisory Board) 4. Entrepreneurs - Leadership Leverage Coaching Community (Group Coaching & Online Course Hybrid) Author of 2 Books: 💡 “The 7 Prerequisites to Success: Pathways to Paramount Performance.” 💡 ”The Phenomenal Leader: Learn 31 Styles of Leadership in 31 Days." 📌 Available on Amazon and other top online booksellers.


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OmniSolutions Consultation, LLC

OMNI Solutions Consultation is the braintrust of Shaan Rais who saw the need for multiple leverage points to build credibility and validity in a hostile often changing business landscape. Most people don’t know this but it is their SAPs that help them differentiate in the personal and professional marketplace. S-Story A-Authenticity and P-Principle based branding is how you create a lasting impression. If your brand is uncertain, your team, your clients, and your profits, productivity and performance is certain to suffer from instability. In a hostile market where clarity is a must-have, less and less business owners own their market due to a lack of confidence in themselves, their offer, and their ideal client, and that’s just the beginning. One of the most interesting aspects of this uncertainty and lack of confidence is that it has people locked into a situation that no longer serves them to the highest degree, whether that’s a miserable employee who knows they’re destined for more, or whether it’s the CEO who is afraid to raise prices and go after the whale client, so they lose time and freedom by living and playing the game small instead of playing to win and win big! If this resonates with you, and you can identify some of these gaps or “chinks” in your identity armor, we’d love to help you identify your 5W Framework. 5W Framework: Who - Who are you and who do you serve? What - What do you do? No, what do your REALLY do? When - When does your ideal client need you? Where - Where is that ideal client located in the market? Why - Why do you do what you do? No, REALLY? We’ve learned from years of work that when these 5 questions are answered with 100% certainty, the game changes exponentially. Everything we do; Keynotes, Coaching, Consulting, Leadership Development, it all hinges on Branding. We help you Brand you, not what you do. Brand new, brand you, and brand true!


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