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CEO, Founder & Chief Experience OfficerMOFI || Former Interim CEO OFFOR Health

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HUMAN-OBSESSED, MAVERICK MINDED CEO || CANCER SURVIVOR NEURODIVERSITY ADVOCATE || FORMER WALT DISNEY IMAGINEER || EXPERIENCE EVANGELIST | HUMAN-CENTERED DESIGNER | BEST-SELLING AUTHOR | TOP GLOBAL PODCASTER | INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER I believe the only way to build a sustainable and thriving business is to put people FIRST. As an experience evangelist and Experience Ecosystem™ designer, I unapologetically challenge leaders to blow up outdated, siloed systems and rebuild them with an aligned, human-first approach. This includes aligning customer and employee experience with a healthy dose of leadership development, cultural transformation, and marketplace awareness. After spending time as the chief experience and transformation officer for Healthways, the chief innovation officer at Xavier University, and six years as an Imagineer for The Walt Disney Company and Disney Cruise Line, I launched MOFI. I am proud to say that MOFI is leading the way in helping companies rethink their Experience Ecosystems to increase revenue, create higher employee retention, and change people's lives for the better. As a neurodiverse Native American and parent of two neurodiverse children, I want to build a world that's filled with heart-centered, people-first design where all voices are honored.

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MOFI || Former Interim CEO OFFOR Health

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MOFI is a human-obsessed, maverick-minded design firm ready to rethink your entire Experience Ecosystem. Mavericks think differently. They challenge the status quo and speak up when people and systems need attention. They’re not afraid to dream big, stand up for what is right, and take a few risks along the way. MOFI helps maverick-minded organizations reap the rewards of thinking bigger and bolder about experiences, innovation, and culture. Are you ready to fuel new growth by thinking bigger?


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