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Spencer Steliga


San Diego, CA

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Spencer Steliga is the CEO and Founder of Shuddl, an AI-powered platform pairing unused freight space with shippers’ available goods to reduce cost, waste, and carbon use while increasing sustainability and logistics performance. A serial entrepreneur and freight and logistics industry expert, Steliga is also founder of Redturn, a social impact incubator committed to supporting environmental innovation. Steliga has long been a leader in the freight and logistics industry, earning multiple awards and driving triple-digit gains in sales, market share, and employee growth. He also serves on the board for the University of California, Irvine Secondary Education.

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Founded in 2022, Shuddl is a transportation company that dramatically simplifies logistics with the only real-time, in-transit resource for live freight additions. Shuddl uses predictive AI to fill less-than-truckload (LTL) by matching cargo with unused freight space. Displaying only shipment add-ons that don’t require unnecessary out-of-route miles, Shuddl allows companies to access capacity in motion while turning waste into revenue for professional drivers. Shuddl’s shipping solutions dramatically simplify logistics, reduce carbon emissions, and give both shippers and drivers the most precise delivery times in the industry.



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