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Stacey Politi is the a Marketing consultant, advisor, and board member. Previously Stacey served as CMO of MainStreet and previously worked at Starz, Lionsgate, Sony, Yahoo, NBC, and Skechers. Stacey has led teams as large as 100+ marketers and creatives through strategy development, effective execution, and post mortem analysis. She is a results-driven leader building high performing, collaborative teams that create innovative cross-channel campaigns to drive awareness, acquire and retain lifelong customers. Stacey has an extensive background in marketing at various media companies. Most recently she served as the Senior Vice President/Head of Marketing at First Look Media where Stacey set the overarching marketing strategy and efforts across the for profit and non-profit operations, including Topic Studios -- film and television production -- The Intercept (journalism), Field of Vision (documentaries),, The Nib (political cartoons), and its Press Freedom Defense Fund. Previously, Politi served as Vice President of Marketing at Crackle, Sony's streaming network, where she led all customer acquisition and retention, brand positioning, B2B, social media, product marketing and sales support across 28 mobile, desktop, OTT, and streaming platforms. Politi also served as the as head of marketing for Yahoo Screen, Digital Marketing Manager for NBCUniversal as well as Social Media & Mobile Marketing Manager for Skechers USA. Stacey is a graduate of UCLA where she earned her B.A. in History and Comparative Religion and is currently based in Los Angeles. Stacey is an Internet enthusiast, pop-culture devotee, cereal aficionado, public transportation zealot, Coke Zero fiend, Inigo Montoya disciple, first generation American, and proud daughter of a @HIAS refugee.

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