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I am on a mission to humanize the workplace. I do in several ways: Innovation: I work with startups and venture funds to influence the products and investment strategies towards solutions that improve the workplace and workforce experience. Execution: I consult Reframe.Work Inc. clients - organizational leadership - on how to create great workplace experiences through the use of technology, human-centered design, people analytics, and future-thinking. Education: I am an adjunct at NYU School of Professional Studies teaching Digital Workplace Design and Design Thinking (part of Human Capital Analytics and Technology Master's program) Network: I am the co-founder of the Strategic HR Analytics Meet-up that over the past five years has been bringing together almost 2,600 members in the NYC area (and beyond) to shape their thinking about people analytics. Thought leadership: I am the co-author of "Humanizing Human Capital: Invest in Your People for Optimal Business Returns” and "Humans At Work: The Art and Practice of Creating the Hybrid Workplace" Previously I transformed the workplace practices at the intersection of technology, analytics, and HR at Fidelity Investments, TIAA, IBM, Price Waterhouse, and PwC Consulting and their clients. I hold a diploma in Mathematics and Computer Science, speak English, Romanian and Russian, have a patent-pending for a social sentiment analysis tool, and am a sought-after speaker on the topics of People Analytics and the Future of Work. Tags: future of work, workplace inclusion, design thinking, employee experience, workplace experience, women 45+, future of work, demographics, digital transformation, gig economy, workforce strategy, people analytics, consulting, startup advisory, technology, innovation, author, speaker

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Reframe.Work Inc. is a consulting firm bringing the human into the Internet of Things to create the Internet of Work™️. Making ideas, people and organizations work better. Helping clients innovate and develop a workforce strategy that creates a resilient, inclusive and accessible workplace through the use of technology, human-centered design, and future-thinking. WOSB certified.



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