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Sumit Ajwani


Toronto, ON, Canada

Member Since August 2023


A visionary Executive Producer and Founder who firmly believes that deep knowledge experts orchestrated to work together is the key to solving the world’s toughest challenges. Sumit has dedicated his career to helping organizations, teams, and individuals tap into the power of working together to turn great ideas into reality. From his earliest days in junior kindergarten, Sumit has thrived on bringing people together. He vividly remembers engaging his entire class into building a spaceship with giant blocks and how that experience ignited his passion for organizing people to work together. He sees collaboration as innate to humanity, but too often lost as people grow older. As Head of Production at Saatchi & Saatchi in Canada at the young age of 23, Sumit experienced the downsides of the traditional advertising production process. It validated his belief that when producers are involved as strategic partners from the get-go, the process is more collaborative and efficient; trust and engagement are higher; and ideas have greater potential to grow into incredible outcomes. Determined to do things differently, he founded Makers in 2016 with a vision to expand that process and redefine the way ideas are made. The Makers model puts producers at the forefront of the creative process, applying their skills and principles to the production challenges of leading brands worldwide. Makers has worked with major brands including PepsiCo, Sephora, Kohler, Amazon Prime Video, American Apparel, Deciem, Frito Lay, and more. Producing everything from TV commercials to documentary films to mobile apps to sustainable houses, and everything in between. With Sumit’s vision as its North Star, Makers has made notable leaps. Makers recently launched the largest global producer network for global brands, uniting 11,000+ producers across 170+ countries to bolster its producer-led model and enable clients to execute ideas anywhere in the world.

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Makers is a global producer network for global brands, with a growing team of 70+ full- time Producers and an extended network of 11,000+ Producers and Fixers in 100+ countries, who are redefining the way ideas get made in the world. Our Producers work with ideators across all industries to creatively execute projects in advertising, entertainment, events and experiences, innovation, rapid prototyping, construction and more. Makers has partnered with more than 70 global and local clients, including Canada Goose, RBC, Credit Karma, PepsiCo, Sephora, Amazon, and Habitat for Humanity, among others.


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51 - 200