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Syed Balkhi is the founder of WPBeginner, the largest free WordPress resource site that helps small businesses start their website.

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10 key brand strategies to build an affiliate or ambassador program

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Here's how to identify, recruit, and nurture the right people to share your company's impact. As it becomes even more competitive for brands to showcase their unique ability to provide consumer value over similar products and services, storytelling continues to grow as a key component in how companies deliver their narratives to current and prospective clients.  What better way to leverage an organization's background, mission, goals, and achievements than through a dedicated affiliate program featuring brand ambassadors who are just as passionate about all the things the brand represents and how it has made a difference in their lives? If you're ready to launch an affiliate or brand ambassador program to elevate your business offerings in the marketplace here are 10 ideas to consider, courtesy of Fast Company Executive Board members.

8 marketing methods to build client loyalty in the travel industry

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Try these tips to attract and satisfy customers who will also spread the word. In the digital economy, now more than ever, promoting travel destination deals to potential customers is extremely competitive. Everyone travels for specific reasons, so it's important to identify who your target audience is and how best to customize your offerings.  For additional strategies to elevate your service and stand out in a crowded market, eight experts from Fast Company Executive Board each share one tip to help marketing leaders and their teams get one step closer to attracting and retaining new clients.

How to manage fear as a leader


Managing fear as a leader or entrepreneur is not about eliminating it completely, but rather learning to recognize it and respond effectively.

8 factors design teams must consider before beginning a project

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You may have a groundbreaking design 'solution,' but have you thought about the following points? Whether your creative design team has been tapped to incorporate a new outdoor green space in a public setting, or partner to develop a community recreation center where residents can gather to spend quality time with their family and friends, the first step is for business leaders and staff to understand who they serve.  In fact, reaching out to local residents from the broader community, upfront, is a better way to build bridges, gather feedback, and understand the pain points that may (or may not) need to be solved. Doing so will also help cut down on any unnecessary investments that are not a good fit for the intended audience being served. Below, eight members from Fast Company Executive Board share one thing that company leaders need to consider both socially and culturally when integrating a sustainable design solution into the marketplace.

10 steps to completing a cost-effective, sustainable design project

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Think outside the box to save your team time and money, so they won't have to reinvent the wheel. It's always an exciting time when upper management green-lights a team to work on a new design project that, once completed, will have a positive impact on the company's staff and clients, and improve the organization's potential for sustainable growth over time.  But when it comes to resources, whether your funds are unlimited or you can't afford to overspend, there are smarter ways to consider how to complete the project without breaking the bank. Here, 10 experts from Fast Company Executive Board each share one tip to help design leaders and their teams repurpose existing structures or materials to reduce waste and promote a circular economy.

12 ways to nurture your personal and professional brand successfully

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Don't sleep on yourself. Apply these brand strategies to remain diligent about pouring into your future no matter where you are in life or work.  Whether you own your own business or represent your current employer, the fluctuating marketplace continues to demonstrate that nothing is guaranteed. That's why business owners who are also thought leaders and career professionals and are trying to elevate their industry stakes are all the wiser for nurturing their personal and professional brands simultaneously.  It may mean taking up a course to update their skills or knowledge on a particular industry topic, or it could be as simple as becoming more intentional about connecting with like-minded industry peers and mentors. Either way, professionals who are proactive in ensuring they have the potential to grow outside of any one organization or business venture are more likely to set themselves on course to secure a stable outlook for their future no matter what conditions the economy is facing.  Below, 12 Fast Company Executive Board members each offer one best practice for aspiring and current thought leaders who want to strengthen their personal and professional brands successfully.

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