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Tal Almog

Co-founder, COO and Head of ProductBlooma

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Tal is an award-winning technology entrepreneur, executive, and innovator with 25 years of experience in forming and leading high-tech ventures and creating disruptive software solutions. Currently, he is the co-founder, COO and Head of Product at Blooma, a fast growing Fintech startup that uses AI and automation to streamline the commercial real estate underwriting process. Tal is a mentor to young entrepreneurs, an adviser to several technology startups, and serves on the board of directors of Pensievision, a medical device company with products for early-stage detection of human cancers. Tal was recognized in 2015 as San Diego Magazine’s “Top Technology Executive” and now serves as the chair of the award committee.

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Blooma is the first CRE lending solution that empowers lenders to spend less time reading documents and spreading financials, and more time closing transactions.



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