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Information Technology
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As an IT industry veteran, I have experienced the transformative impact technology has made on the way we work, learn, and live time and time again. From the early days of the Internet to the evolution of pervasive data, advanced analytics, and now AI—I am optimistic and energized by the benefits of technology on people, businesses, and economies around the world. Currently serving as the President of Compugen Systems, Inc. based in Houston and holding the dual role of Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for our parent company, Compugen Inc. headquartered in Toronto, I take great pride in leading multi-generational teams across North America—contributing to nearly $1B of assets and financial performance. These results encompass people management, brand, strategy, and operations. My leadership style is driven largely by a human-centered culture, built on purpose, creativity, and values. Combining human talent with technology-enablement to make the world a better, more equitable place for all citizens. I believe this starts by democratizing access to technology and opportunity. I am a big believer in giving back and currently sit on the board of an international alliance which provides a world view on global challenges and demands for IT solutions. My personal interests include family time with my wife and daughter, global travel where I can experience and learn about different cultures, and what I like to call active living; engaging in a variety of outdoor sports like skiing, soccer, and biking. I embrace the ‘carpe diem’ philosophy, seizing every moment in order to live life to the fullest.

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Compugen Systems, Inc.

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Compugen Systems, Inc., an affiliate of Compugen Inc., is an IT service delivery company that focuses on enabling your business outcomes. By coupling innovative technology-based solutions in the Modern Workspace and Hybrid IT with our uniquely crafted managed, professional, and field services; we’re turning the unreachable into the achievable. Every day, we will work to cultivate technology-based solutions that transform traditional customer service into uniquely crafted human experiences. Our vision is to redefine the Customer Experience. We believe that every day we have is another opportunity to innovate, inspire, and impact our world for the better.



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