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Leadership Futurist / Advisor / Speaker🎤 / Story Slammer / Guitar Plinker🎸/ Author GameChanger's Guide to Radical Success/Host Game Changer Chats/ Forbes '"Breath of Fresh Air in Leadership" I work with executive firekeepers, visionaries, & actionaries in organizations such as KKR, NBA, Bloomberg & Chanel to foster leadership vision & behaviors to optimize their business. Working with the C-Suite, I've crafted leadership alignment initiatives, cultural strategy & resiliency intensives. I savor the brilliance of improved output when organizations are led by conscious leaders & observe the shadow cast by misspent energy when not. 13+years at KornFerry, IBM, AOL, Coca-Cola & UPS showed me the great, good, bad & ugly in organizations. It inspired me to dig in. At Balance Integration, we help executives & leaders access vision, course-correct legacy & optimize impact. We are cultural savants, adjunct professors, transformation coaches, marketing executives, public speakers & purpose enthusiasts, passionate about teaching executives to increase their influence to go beyond playing the game & build an organizational legacy of lifetime contribution & industry leadership. I taught the NYPD to remain steady under pressure in mediation with neighborhood stakeholders. I hurled dry erasers over the heads of Morgan Stanley’s global wealth management leadership team to convey the importance of soldier-like steadiness & attention in navigating volatility. HBREvents trusted me to lead 120 global C-Suite executives on a deep dive on developing Insight & Innovation. During furlough, I had State of Michigan administrators stand up & sing to soften edges before contract negotiations. I led 60 CEOs on a leadership intensive in Myanmar, Cambodia & Thailand, interacting with civic, governmental & private-sector leaders. Interweaving timeless wisdom, military discipline & business practicality, I was retained by Omega Institute & Kripalu to lead a renowned executive retreat, Success Is an Inside Job.


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Balance Integration Corporation

Bootstrapped in 2002, NYC-based Balance Integration fosters thriving humanity at work. We engage from the very top of each client organization to better align leaders in support of their mission and desired impact. With this in focus, we work with clients to identify the shifts needed and then customize initiatives to move the needle as desired. Clients have included Bloomberg, KKR, Chanel, DKNY, The NBA, The NHL, Havas, American Express, Viacom, Google, The Economist, and Disney.


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