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Tim Madden is a Veteran Headhunter that has led teams that have placed over 6,000 professionals in 21 industries, worked at the largest Fortune 500 Recruitment Firm in the world, responsible for over 50 million dollars of placements of Executives, and was one of the top recruiters recognized nationally while serving in the US Army. He has interacted with CEOs and Senior Executives at some of the top companies across the globe and is a contributor to Forbes & He is passionate about helping high achievers land that next 6 figure job, which, most of the time, is less about tactics and more about mindset and confidence.

Published content

Leadership in flux: Recognizing signals for an executive career pivot


Recognizing the signals for a pivot and embracing the change can unlock a new chapter in your executive career filled with purpose, passion, and fulfillment.

Leading from a distance: Fostering connection and empowering teams in a digital world


Whether you are leading a hybrid team or bringing together people across the globe, key leadership skills can help bridge the digital divide and connect teams more effectively.

The art of interviewing as a senior professional: Top 5 missteps to avoid


By avoiding interviewing missteps, you can increase your chances of success and ensure your professional goals are within reach. 

Navigating workplace conflict: Strategies for effective resolution


Whether you are a VIP in the C-suite or a frontline department manager, understanding how to effectively manage workplace conflict is critical for personnel and organizational success.

Rebounding from rejection during a job search


Rejection is part of the process, but don't let it hold you back! With the right attitude and tactics, you can create a successful method for finding the right role.

Cracking the code: Mastering common questions at senior-level interviews


In this guide to cracking the C-Suite interview code, we’ll discuss the most common questions for senior-level interviews and tips on answering them effectively.

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