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Tim has spent over 20 years in the high-tech industry in positions relating to ERP, storage, services, social media, and DRAAS (Disaster Recovery as a Service). He started his career as a software engineer in a new product company and then worked his way through pre-sales, sales, operations, and numerous global operating positions. Previously, he was one of the founding members of VCE and served as the COO, helping bring the firm to a $3B+ run rate in just six years. Tim was fortunate enough to lead the delivery of a new generation of cloud-based solutions that have transformed the agility and profitability of some of the world’s largest enterprises. Most recently, he was the CEO of Datrium who developed the first DRAAS solution on the market and was eventually acquired by VMware. Selling has never been more difficult than it is today because of the commoditized world we live in. Buyers self-educate through as much as 70% of the traditional sales cycle. For every problem or challenge executives face in their business, there are at least 3-5 different ways they can solve the problem. That doesn’t even include staying with the status quo, i.e., no decision. Additionally, sales team members are challenged with getting to the financial decision-maker. When they can engage they have difficulty aligning and differentiating the value of their solutions with the business goals of the executive, and quantifying the economic value. The impact according to CSO Insights: - Rep quota attainment has been declining every year - Close rates are lower and sales cycles are longer - When they can close a deal, price pressure is creating higher discount rates With these challenges as a backdrop, what if your sales team could sell competitively differentiated value for every account? What if they could do this by having a “Business Value Assessment” for each account at their fingertips? Finally, what if this created shorter sales cycles, higher close rates and the ability to grow and expand existing accounts. You can by partnering with DecisionLink. DecisonLink’s ValueCloud® enables your team to engage buyers with account insights, have business conversations based on real value positions, align your value from the buyer's perspective and retain customers by quantifying the value realized with your solutions. That's how we've partnered with leading companies like ServiceNow, CrowdStrike, Adobe, Equifax and more to execute their value selling strategy.


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DecisionLink’s ValueCloud® is the world’s leading, secure, SaaS-based, customer value management platform that simplifies and automates customer value conversations at any point in the customer journey. ValueCloud®’s self-service, AI-enabled computational engine transforms customer value into strategic, actionable assets, empowering sellers, marketers, and customer success professionals to elevate tactical conversations about feature, function, and price, into outcome-based discussions of customer value in a few clicks. The ability to do this at scale and at any point in the customer journey, ensures customers for life and ultimately profitable growth. DecisionLink is trusted by top enterprise businesses, including Caterpillar, CrowdStrike, DocuSign, Marketo and Adobe as well as elite, fast-growing companies like Apptio, Contrast Security, Elastic, Menlo Security, and PagerDuty.


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