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Toby has over 20 years of experience managing companies in the fields of technology, marketing, and entertainment. He co-founded Petrol Advertising in 2003 and led its growth to over 100 employees. Toby then became pop group Black-eyed Peas artist’s COO, striking partnerships with Adidas, Coca-Cola, Levis, Apple and Intel, and launching the tech startup, where he helped raise millions in capital and was chiefly responsible for its most popular product— Buttons earphones. In 2019, Toby joined Halla, where he is responsible for branding and strategy.


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Halla is The Taste Intelligence Company, redefining what personalization means for grocery as the world’s only human preference engine designed specifically and exclusively for grocery. Founded in 2016 by Gabriel Nipote, Henry Michaelson and Spencer Price, Halla has developed the only technology on the market that can accurately predict shopper intent and recommend the grocery item a person will want to buy next, providing grocers with the ability to offer personalization on a truly 1:1 level never before experienced across the entire digital store. Coupled with real-time capabilities, plug & play API integration and AI that leverages over 100 billion grocery-specific shopper and product data points, Halla’s created the most powerful and flexible personalization engine now available for grocers through its proprietary suite of services, Halla Recommend, Halla Substitute, and Halla Search.


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