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Tom Barton

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Antaris Inc


I'm co-founder and CEO of Antaris, an early-stage satellite software start-up. We created Antaris to dramatically reduce costs and time-to-orbit for satellites through our cloud-based software platform. It's an area ripe for disruption, and we're saying goodbye to Old Space and ushering in New Space thinking. I'm also a long-time Bay Area tech exec and Stanford alum, and previously served as COO of satellite provider Planet Labs as well as CEO of Diamanti, Rackable Systems and Cygnus Solutions. I've also held leadership roles at Red Hat and Lightspeed Venture Partners. Please reach out if you're interested in learning more about Software for Space and the big problems we're working to solve.


Antaris Inc

Antaris is the leading software platform provider for space. Our cloud-based platform simplifies the design, simulation and operation of satellites to radically reduce costs and speed time-to-orbit. We bring New Space thinking to an Old Space world, giving our customers maximum control and flexibility while mitigating supply chain risk and optimizing engineering reuse. With investors including Lockheed Martin Ventures, Acequia, HCVC and E2MC, Antaris is revolutionizing Software for Space.


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