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Traci Siegel


San Francisco Bay Area

I am a seasoned communications executive and trusted strategic advisor to high-profile companies, NGOs, and global philanthropies working to improve the world. I established and lead GMMB’s California office, as well as the firm's broader climate change portfolio. My areas of expertise include issue advocacy, crisis communications, executive positioning, message strategy, thought leadership, and media coaching. I cut my teeth over 25 years in Washington, DC in key positions in the news media, trade associations and on Capitol Hill, as well as serving as political director of the Democratic National Committee and founding director of DNC’s Women’s Vote Center. I am a proven business leader adept and securing and expanding new, multi-year client partnerships, leading bi-coastal teams, establishing new verticals and consistently exceeding revenue goals. Beyond the office, I serve as a speaker coach for TEDx and a speaker for Al Gore's Climate Reality Leadership Corps. I believe that compelling communication has the power to change the world, and my true passion is harnessing that power to help my clients tackle the most pressing issues for society and our planet—including but not limited to climate change.


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March 1st, 2023

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September 14th, 2022

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