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Currently operating as the CEO of our 5th generation family business, Angelus Brand, while running my other ventures under the umbrella Angelus Direct and Lace Lab.

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10 key factors to finding a reliable product distributor 

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Consider what's at stake if you want the best bang for your buck. When you are searching for a manufacturing distributor to do business with, it's never a good idea to take everything they say at face value. You have to do your research first. In addition to creating a short list of your best options, it's key to follow up with reference checks and pay a visit to the facility location. This will shed light on core value alignment and quality standards in real-time—and not just on paper—because at the end of the day, it's all about the client and customer satisfaction rates. To help company leaders find the right partner to elevate their brand further and make a good impression on every user's experience, experts from Fast Company Executive Board address 10 top qualifications to consider for the best return on their investment.

Networking blunders: Ditch these bad habits to improve relationships

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10 experts share how to put your best foot forward and make impactful business connections.  The art of networking in business comes much easier for some entrepreneurs than others. If you want to do it correctly you've got to be willing to open yourself up and communicate your pitch, realizing it's a two-way street when it comes to examining a proposition value that benefits each potential stakeholder.  Furthermore, there is a pattern of behavior patterns that every professional must learn to shed if they want to attract the interest of industry colleagues and build authentic relationships that are founded on mutual respect. Below are 10 best practices courtesy of Fast Company Executive Board members.

Are your business goals realistic?

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Here's how 10 leaders (and teams) are meeting their mark. There's nothing wrong with raising the stakes and reaching for stars with high expectations for the business. But how can managers develop efficient and repeatable daily workflow systems to overcome obstacles and get their teams closer to achieving the company's short- and long-term goals?  Never underestimate your ability to accomplish an impossible mission—through teamwork, no matter how ambitious it seems. Here are 10 tips to motivate leaders and staff on their journey to business success, courtesy of Fast Company Executive Board experts.

How to set up your business for e-commerce success


While many businesses focus on maximizing sales, if you have a "How can we make our customers happier?" approach, you can be more likely to build a loyal base of customers who want to come back to consistently buy your products.

15 ways to attract the top independent contractors

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Here's how to build a pipeline of services to address your department's needs.  In a gig-driven economy, it's essential to find highly-skilled freelancers who are willing to handle extra assignments during a busy season for your team. Be selective about your decision when reviewing the feedback of the consultant's previous and current clients. And, based on the expectations about the job requirements,  keep an open line of communication so that everyone is on the same page.  Below are 15 best practices, courtesy of Fast Company Executive Board members to help leaders to attract a diverse group of candidates and retain them for future projects. 

15 strategies to build brand recognition on YouTube

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Here's how to attract and retain long-term clients. If you are thinking about launching a YouTube page to increase consumer knowledge about your products or services, it's important to focus on the key interests of your target base and deliver that content consistently. Finding a creative way to keep viewers engaged with your company through a topic you are mutually passionate about is the perfect way to demonstrate your knowledge and establish further credibility in the marketplace. In the end, the goal is to convert your social media followers into new loyal customers, but it's not so easy. To assist leaders with these efforts to grow their company's business, here are 15 reliable tips, courtesy of Fast Company Executive Board members.

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