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Watch My TEDx Talk: I am the founder of worksmart, a progressive team development and leadership training company that delivers training through topic based experts and creativity! WHO WE ARE We are a team of creative rebels (MBAs can be rebellious, too!) who help transform your company into a place nobody wants to leave! And we believe that can be done through unapologetically unleashing creativity at all levels of your organization. WHO YOU ARE You’re a game-changer who values people and profit. You define success as having a team full of happy people exceeding KPIs. And disrupting traditional training methods by incorporating creative tools makes you happier than a kid in a candy store! WHAT WE OFFER • Leadership Canvas: An Experiential Leadership Training Program for Current & Aspiring Leaders • Team Development: A Relationship and Culture Building Program • What if?: Ideation & Problem Solving - Learn How to Use Creativity in Your Business CORE PRINCIPLES • We are all creative, and good ideas can come from any level of an organization • People learn and retain information best through creativity and play • Creativity is a capacity we all have OUR METHODS - LEGO® Serious Play® Facilitation Methods - Creative Problem Solving Process OUR CLIENTS INCLUDE LinkedIn, Google, NBCUniversal, Pepperdine University, Media Arts Lab, Chiat Day, LA Philharmonic, MeUndies CONTACT 310-801-6858


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worksmart Advantage

worksmart is a progressive team development and leadership training consultancy that utilizes creativity, play, and experiential learning to evolve mindset, skill sets, and behaviors in the workplace. Our work is built on the foundation that we are all creative, good ideas can come from any level of an organization, and by cultivating idea sharing in the workplace, everyone has a chance to have their voice heard. And when that happens - company culture, performance, and innovation can skyrocket! We Offer: - Leadership Mindset & Skillset Training - Team Development - Cultivating Creativity and Innovation - Women Leadership Programs Our Methodologies: - Creative Problem Solving - LEGO Serious Play - Small Group Dialogue - Experiential Learning * Don't be surprised to find a DJ, spoken word artist, and some art supplies in our workshops!


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