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Digital sales transformation
Social Selling
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Viveka von Rosen is Cofounder of Vengreso, the largest provider of full spectrum Modern Digital Sales transformation solutions. Known as the @LinkedInExpert, she’s author of the best-selling "LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day"and “101 Ways to Rock LinkedIn” She's been named in Forbes (4 years running) as a top social media expert and is a regular contributor and has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, BuzzFeed, Inc, CNN, Entrepreneur, Selling Power and the Social Media Examiner. Her mission is to help sales professionals and business owners master modern sales by creating more quality and qualified conversations using LinkedIn, Sales Nav and Social Video

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17 ways to improve your company's growth strategy in tough times

expert panel

Consider these areas you may have overlooked. Your business, like many other companies, may be struggling to get ahead in an uncertain economy, but there is hope. You don't have to stay stuck. Pivoting from a negative mindset about what's to come in the future for your business is the first step. Now, you must put a practical plan into place that will help you strengthen your trust with loyal customers and promote brand re-engagement at the same time.  Here, 17 Fast Company Executive Board members propose their best practices to help turn the situation around in no time, even during a slow economy.

How to use LinkedIn to pivot your career


Pivoting your career requires adopting the right mindset, rebranding yourself, building your network, establishing thought leadership, and securing endorsements.

13 ways companies can lower overhead cost and raise profit margins

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Consider these cost-reduction tips to future-proof your business. As a business leader in charge of ensuring your company's ability to thrive—no matter what type of economy financial experts are predicting—it would serve your team best to plan ahead and put systems in place to maintain a successful business during the good times and bad.  To help you improve profitability in today's tight economy or get your organization ready for the next wave of marketplace uncertainty, here are 13 members from Fast Company Executive Board to share cost-reduction strategies that are working for them and their teams.

15 sleep strategies to boost your energy and focus at work

expert panel

Having enough energy and focus to get through your workday starts with a good night's sleep and healthy habits. Do you ever feel like you're just going through the motions at work, struggling to stay focused and productive? It's not uncommon to experience this, and the root of the problem could be as simple as not getting enough quality sleep. A good night's sleep is crucial to performing at your best during the day, but unfortunately, many of us don't prioritize sleep enough. Below, a panel of 15 Fast Company Executive Board members shares some of the best sleep strategies you can implement to increase your energy levels and sharpen your focus on the tasks at hand, helping you to be more productive and successful in your work.

15 mistakes that turned out to be beneficial for leaders in business

expert panel

Every mistake made as a manager is a learning opportunity and can sometimes even make you more successful. As a leader, it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that mistakes are always negative and should be avoided at all costs. However, some mistakes can actually be beneficial and help you become more productive and successful in reaching your goals. These "good mistakes" can teach you valuable lessons, challenge your assumptions, and even lead you to new opportunities. To that end, a panel of Fast Company Executive Board members described mistakes that have helped them become more effective leaders. By embracing and learning from these types of mistakes, you can take your leadership skills to the next level and achieve greater success.

Want to prevent layoffs in tough times? Follow these 14 strategies

expert panel

Layoffs aren't the only way to cut overhead costs in a challenging economy. In times of economic difficulty, companies often face tough decisions when it comes to retaining employees. Layoffs can seem like the only viable solution to cut costs and survive financially. However, these decisions can have lasting impacts on the morale and productivity of the remaining team members. Fortunately, there are alternative strategies that companies can employ to avoid layoffs and increase job security for their employees. To that end, a panel of Fast Company Executive Board members offer their top-recommended strategies for keeping your staff intact and discuss their potential benefits for both companies and employees.

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Vengreso, Inc. is a product-led growth (PLG) company featuring FlyMSG, a text expander and personal writing assistant that saves users an hour+ a day. We address the productivity management software market, currently a $42 billion industry, projected to grow to $122.7 billion by 2028. FlyMSG’s text expander capabilities enable your company to accomplish several objectives.  Ensure consistent quality and branding across messages your team is sending.  Save the time and hidden cost of your employees “reinvesting the wheel” in composing standardized messages.  Simplify the process of being compliant with regulations particularly in industries such as healthcare, financial services, and legal services. We have a history of innovation and product development as evidenced by four consecutive years of Gold Stevie Awards (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022) for product excellence and innovation🏅 In the words of one FlyMSG user: “I love being able to use the same set of templates across email AND LinkedIn. These writing shortcuts allow for HYPER PERSONALIZED messages “on the FLY” while at the same time SAVING A TON OF TIME knocking out 90% of the message for you with one short shortcode! Beats automation any day!” Theresa French For more information about FlyMSG visit



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Digital Sales Transformation
Social Selling
LinkedIn Training

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