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Walid Al-Hajj

Managing DirectorTechnium Consulting Inc.

Toronto, ON, Canada

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Business Intelligence
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I am an energetic technology driven business leader with a people first mindset to achieving results. With over 20 years experience managing people, enhancing processes, and driving innovative technology solutions that contribute to firms’ bottom line both at large organizations and start-ups. I believe in hands-on involvement in leading change, starting with idea creation and problem scoping through successful implementation, support and everything in between. I celebrate diversity and have deep insight into different cultures. My successful leadership can be attributed to a few relatively simple guiding principles: • People: Boost workplace “meaning quotient” and inspire employees to perform at their peak by explaining why their work matters. • Business/Process: Decompose complex problems into simple measurable deliverables with associated cost to ensure that our business partners know the business drivers that support each and every request for funding. • Technology: Strategically balance innovation with regulatory requirements while maintaining total cost of ownership, hence presenting creative yet simple solutions that add meaning and value to all stakeholders.

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Technium Consulting Inc.

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At Technium Consulting we collaborate closely with our clients to better understand how we can equip them and ensure greater levels of success to meet the challenges of today. Our goal is to deliver innovative Information Management solutions while reducing costs and complexity. We truly believe that information should make work simple, fast, reliable and fun. Our mission is to create a partnership with clients and implement Information Management solutions that enable key decision makers a single view of their business, to facilitate timely and accurate decision making. While at the same time plan and prepare to exploit tomorrow’s opportunities. With Technium you can take a strategic approach to boosting performance through an optimal mix of your Internal Staff and our Management Consulting (advisory) Services, Solution Delivery for BI/DW/MDM initiatives and/or Talent Augmentation Services.



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Management Consulting
Business Intelligence

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