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Experienced Information Technology Engineer. Experienced with all aspects of business IT; hardware, software, application support, as well as procurement of hardware and IT solutions. Managed projects and IT Implementations across the continental US, providing the right solution to the problem, whatever that may be, regardless of budget or price.


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  • Information Technology


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Rearden Consulting

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan with a focus on all things IT and Technology, Accomplished Simply and correctly the first time. It is the mission of Rearden Consulting to provide unmatched customer service, and deliverable results to all of our clients. Inspired by the works that gave us our namesake, we are committed to accomplishing our goals regardless of the cost. There is no such thing as too much or too little money, so long as the service is delivered the right way, and the end result is one that both Rearden, and our clients, can be proud of. We provide solutions to technology problems that we strive to ensure will outlast not only our engagement, but the tests of time, and our clients needs as they grow.


  • Business Information Systems
  • Data Center Automation
  • Business Intelligence