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Yonathan Lapchik is CEO of Web3 company Suku. Yonathan brings more than 16 years of experience helping Fortune 500 clients with digital transformations, M&A, tech strategy, and product implementation to Suku. Before joining Suku, Yonathan held the role of Product Lead for Deloitte’s US Blockchain Lab, focusing on leading the development of blockchain-based prototypes and enterprise solutions.


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Suku aims to make commerce more transparent and efficient with blockchain-powered supply-chain solutions. By leveraging the traceability enabled by blockchain, Suku provides brands and retailers with the transparency they need to meet the demands of a growing base of conscious customers. To incentivize the participation of small suppliers, Suku rewards participants with tokens that grant the holder access to key financial services, such as microloans, that are not otherwise available to them. The Suku team consists of a group of successful entrepreneurs and corporate leaders with a background in supply chain and blockchain from Deloitte’s Blockchain Lab. Suku is developed by its parent company Citizens Reserve, Inc. headquartered in Los Gatos, California. For more information, please head to www.suku.world, engage with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter or chat with our team on Telegram.


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