Finding Inspiration Through Executive Networking: Fast Company Executive Board

Visionary Leadership,

From goth kids to innovative CEOs, everyone does better surrounded by a supportive community. Ever since Seth Godin published Tribes in 2008, “finding your tribe” has been a catchphrase for anyone seeking kindred spirits.

For visionary leaders, the best place to find your people is in forward-thinking business networks. It’s no longer enough to hang around trade shows handing out business cards. You are far more likely to make strong, useful connections in key executive communities.

Fast Company Executive Board is one such executive networking community. Its forward-thinking CEOs and execs are defining the future of business in design, technology, and related fields.

Below, we’ll see what several prominent members have to say about their experiences in the community.

Visionary Leaders: A Forward-Thinking Community

Connecting with extraordinary peers is a key aspect of the best executive networks. Because Fast Company Executive Board applicants are vetted before being invited to join, the group is full of accomplished visionaries with innovative leadership styles.

Strategic messaging consultant Michael Margolis says “I really enjoy the caliber of people [in Fast Company Executive Board] and the shared passion for innovation, change, and putting a positive dent in the universe.” Likewise, business strategist Andrew Binns recognizes the community as “a group of really fascinating individuals who appear to me to be movers and shakers, and shapers of not just the commercial future but the intellectual and social future of the country.”

Event technology exec Harold Hughes says “the best thing is you’ve got a group of people form different industries at different stages of their careers. Being able to talk with different folks about the things that they've learned and experienced has given me knowledge on how to navigate my own challenges.” And chief innovation officer Amy Radin says, “Fast Company Executive Board members are terrific. It's definitely a very diverse and interesting group of people and I’ve learned a lot from them.”

Conversation and Inspiration: Groups

Once you’ve found your people, it’s time to make conversation. Fast Company Executive Board’s members-only platform allows exceptional leaders to problem-solve, trade ideas, and learn from one another.

Binns, for instance, says, “I've joined many of the meetings and spoken to several members of the group offline and exchanged thoughts and ideas. So [being a member] has been a very helpful experience.”

Within the larger group, subject matter interest groups are led by active members to facilitate conversation on topics of continuing interest. Groups include those on Company Culture, Customer Experience, and Remote Leadership. Writers might join the Book Authors group, while motivated CMOs are part of the Caffeinated Marketing Hub.

Publishing Expert Anna David, who leads the authors’ group, says, “I have been truly impressed with how Fast Company Executive Board seems to really care about nurturing the board and having us interact. … By leading the book writing group, I’m communicating directly with people I never would have met who are interested in the same things I am.”

Innovative Networking Events: Monthly Meetups

Old school drinks-and-business-cards events have long fallen by the wayside. More intimate and innovative networking events hosted by the best executive networks allow CEOs and leaders to connect more deeply and personally. Even in the wake of COVID-19, which pushed many events into virtual space, deeper conversations are happening as leaders focus on connection and actionable insights.

Business strategist Andreea Vanacker says of Fast Company Executive Board’s monthly virtual meetups, “I’ve connected with some great people on the monthly calls where members come together to talk about specific topics. It’s been very insightful.”

Publishing and Perspectives

Some members also find inspiration in one another’s responses to Expert Panel. For these multi-author pieces published on, topical questions are posed to the community, and editors curate a selection of diverse responses. Expert Panels are great for showcasing the many perspectives of the group’s members.

Digital executive Val Vacante says, “I love the Expert Panels and I’ve connected with so many different people with different perspectives,” she says. “The topics are not always in my wheelhouse, so that helps me expand my thinking.”

Join the Community: Fast Company Executive Board

It’s time to surround yourself with the kind of people that offer inspiration and motivation for your leadership journey. Fast Company Executive Board’s diverse community of decision makers, industry influencers, and thought leaders can offer you meaningful connections and discussions. Take a look at the Fast Company Executive Board blog to find other tips and advice for executives or learn more about the benefits of becoming a Fast Company Executive Board member by visiting our membership page or contacting us directly.